Common Errors that are Allowed During Driving Tests!

Common Errors that are Allowed During Driving Tests!

Are you keen on giving driving exams in Australia? Then don’t miss out reading this article. The content here is precisely what you need to know about the procedures involved to get a driver’s license. Hone your skills and learn the rules before signing up for the tests. 

Make sure your car is maintained well and you have the best car insurance in place to support you after clearing the tests. Youngsters especially, must take refuge in car insurance Australia as they are more vulnerable to road disasters. The Australian driving exam is divided into two parts – an online assessment and an on-the-road driving test. 

With the driving side of things, a maximum of two significant errors is acceptable. This is a small percentage of the wide range of tasks you are expected to accomplish on busy and slower traffic roads and parking spaces, like executing different turns and parking situations and navigating various road signs.

These passable mistakes might be:

  • Failing to stop completely at a stop sign;
  • Unable to do a reverse parallel parking;
  • Unable to complete a three-point turn; or
  • Forgetting to turn on indicators, when taking a turn.

For example, when prompted to make a left or right turn during your test, if you remembered to turn on the correct turn indicator but neglected to check your side mirrors, such action will be marked as a mistake.

If you use the brakes before checking your mirrors, it will add to your mistake list. Another standard error is failing to position oneself before making a turn properly. So keep these points in mind while you prepare for your driving test. If you observe and remember these principles, you will be able to pass your driving test.

You must ensure that the above-mentioned mistakes do not exceed two; otherwise, you will fail the driving exam. Bear in mind that if you avoid these two critical errors you would have reduced the risk factor at the next stage.

If you discover you’ve already made two mistakes in the first stage of the driving test, proceed with extra caution in the second stage. If you did not make any mistake in the first stage, you would have a greater margin for error in the second stage.

If you made one error in stage one, you would still have one life line left, implying that you can afford one mistake in stage two. However, be sure that the error isn’t more than one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pass the driving test. 

Regardless, you should always try to get a clean score because you want to be as safe as a driver as possible.

Once you have passed your driving exam, when you become a responsible car owner you must apply for third party car insurance if you don’t own one already. Car insurance intends to protect you from financial damages if you are involved in an accident. In Australia, you are legally required to have CTP insurance – a minimum liability insurance coverage – and from there you may choose additional car insurance like comprehensive car insurance.

Premiums are the amounts you pay monthly, bi-annually, or yearly to keep your vehicle insurance policy in force, whereas the excess is the amount you pay when you submit a claim. It’s critical to look around for the finest car insurance quotes to have proper coverage at the right price.

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